Pakistan Mobile Paktel 2738 17% 4.41
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Pakistan Mobile Paktel 2738 17% 4.41
MARYTEL Global Wholesale VOIP Network
Marytel offers internet phone services, traditional telephone systems and carrier services to any type of business. More than 240 Fixed & Mobile Direct Routes, 50+ Countries, that's only a small part of why Marytel is a leader in VoIP networking area.
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A year ago I got Marytel service for my telephone and I was proud I did this because in every call I made the quality was excellent and the voice was clear. This is why I have this service for every...
Evan West hartford, USA

Marytel - international wholesale VoIP provider!

Our high quality Internet telephony solutions are practically and economically more efficient than alternative traditional telephone services. We provide prepaid wholesale VoIP termination at top quality and rates, so Marytel is proud to own more than 500 destinations around the world, offering three service plans to run your business at an unbeatable price: Eco, Standard and Premium. We offer our services for small and large VoIP providers, call centers, business partners and VoIP resellers. Customers must register, make a prepayment and enjoy high quality services that we offer.

Registration only takes a few minutes, so you will evaluate our service almost immediately. We enable our customers checking the quality of communication, and supply $ 1 credit for a free trial conversation! In addition to making calls, you will be able to manage your account, see the price, CDR, ASR and ACD by means of our reporting instruments. For carriers, billing is perhaps one of the most complex and sensitive aspects.

In terms of billing, all the most difficult tasks remain behind the scenes. You have no need being an expert to use our services. Simple web interface of your personal account makes dealing with website easy. Choosing our company as a wholesale VoIP termination provider means making top quality, cheap and fast calls at any direction worldwide!

MARYTEL Wholesale Voice Divisions


Provides only the BEST QUALITY service at competitive rates for operators and their customers.


Perfect for the most of operators whose customers need stable high-quality service at competitive market rates.


Ideal for providers delivering high quality services at the most affordable rates available.

Wholesale VOIP Termination

Finding a technically sound and expedient VoIP call termination solution is vital for a business. The quality of voice during calls heavily depends on the system's reliability and endurance. The ability to ensure 99,9% service accessibility for clients demands heightened system redundancy, which can be only provided by professional services with 24/7 on-site team of specialists monitoring its performance. Experienced providers of wholesale VoIP termination services are responsible for servicing of a large part of this market segment.

Voice quality
Leading services offering wholesale VoIP termination focus of premium-quality codecs and connectivity solutions. The high standards of components directly contribute to sound quality during calls. Digital processing of the signal and echo cancelling technology result in higher call retention rates. This allows such services to offer guaranteed audio quality on their networks. Parameters to consider:

  • High quality codecs
  • No packet loss
  • Low jitter
  • Private IP's

For businesses, timely accessibility of the service is essential. VoIP services need to be available at any time. Business level VoIP providers offer uptime guarantees, which should be another factor of consideration when choosing a provider. Best wholesale VoIP termination solutions are based on the philosophy of doubling the provisions for a maximum required load, so that they can ascertain in case something in the system fails unexpectedly, a replacement is always immediately available, and client services are maintained to consistent standards.

Parameters to consider:

  • Use of multi-node clusters
  • Load balancing
  • Automatic failover systems
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • On-site qualified technical support team
  • Double resilience on the system level

Utilization of own networks allows wholesale providers of VoIP servers flexibly manage the load, directing traffic by optimum routes. Provisions for emergencies, accidents or natural disasters ensure that even in events of extraordinary circumstances service access for customers can be maintained.

Termination services are configured to balance the load across the network. The capacity of your account can be built from low levels and increased as your requirements grow. Capable of handling extremely high loads of VoIP traffic, server configurations are optimized for performance as you progress.

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